Look no further, this is where fashion meets comfort…

After years of frustration when going out at night with the hassle of a purse falling off my shoulder or clutched in my hand, I have created the perfect solution for the ultimate party girl..

The name derives from the bag’s intended contents, a girl’s nightly essentials: Cell phone, Lip gloss, Identification, Cash, and Keys. Call it a tackle bag, if you will. It holds everything you need, and you won’t have to worry about it all night.

The unique strap-in-strap design allows the C.L.I.C.K. bag to slip on your wrist and remain without fuss or further attention. The light leather bag simply hangs from your wrist as you continue flirting with a new beau, balancing your martini, and dancing the night away!

The distinct colors and textures make your C.L.I.C.K.bag a signature piece for any outfit. While Moe has applied current trends, I have taken it one step further to offer a chic look that will set you apart from the crowd. Each bag incorporates multiple colors to accommodate whatever outfit your mood summons. At the same time, the leather possesses unusual patterns, textures, and glosses to complete any look. Ornament everything from your t-shirt and jeans to that new hot dress you're dying to wear.

Enjoy a night of effortless style, take out your C.L.I.C.K. bag!